Risking Everything: Churches and Historical Buildings

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Sad News on the Seine

Unfortunately overnight the eyes of the world have been on the heart of Paris. In particular Notre Dame Cathedral. A massive fire has ravaged over two thirds of the building.

At this point it would be incorrect to speculate on the cause of this devastating fire. Devastating not only in physical and monetary value however more importantly the soul of France and Paris itself has taken a direct hit. From which it will take many many years to recover. Thankfully simply priceless artifacts of history at this stage have been confirmed as saved.

One thing we can say with great certainty is the use of real candles in historical buildings is simply a risk not worth having and taking!

Don’t Risk It Any Longer – Make A Change Now

Smart Candle HelioNova Devotional Systems

Smart Candle introduced a number of years ago our Smart Candle HelioNova Devotional Church Systems. These were created with the vision to reduce the risk and danger of open flames and candles in a devotional capacity.

Used in Vatican City

We have had the privilege to work with the Holy See who believed our HelioNova systems were the best suitable alternative to burning real candles.

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