Smart Flame 360° Hyper-Realistic Moving Flame Candles

The Most Realistic LED Candles Ever Made

Smart Flame Rechargeable Votive Candles are a new introduction to the marketplace. They are a new breed of hyper-realistic moving flame candles the like of which have never been seen before– with unrivaled functionality these are the most advanced LED Candles ever seen in the world, period. Packed with features such as moving or non moving flame, long run time, brightness modes, 5Hr timer function etc…

360° Visible and 360° Movement

Visible from every single angle because of the design and a full 360° range of movement – provides the most realistic LED candles to date.

Moving Flame or Non-Movement Function

Have the beauty of a moving flame or just stop the moving flame with the remote control.

Long Run Time

Forget changing batteries left, right and centre – rest assured that with long run times the same ambiance is provided with minimal interaction

Extra Brightness Function

Do you feel like you want a little more oooomfff and actually would like to push more light into an area. Well having additional brightness functions allows for this.

Granted they are not Lamps and are designed to simulate a real candle as closely as possible however this option is there to utilise.

If you want a Lamp style brightness – why not check out our Mini Smart Lamp

5HR Timer Function

Turn the candles on to 5HR Timer Mode at the press of a button and the rest will be done for you. On for 5 Hours then off for 19 Hours, so on and so forth. Until either reset or turned off.

Top Tip: Perfect if you are going away as a security feature – leave them in a window. No one leaves candles to burn when they leave the house right?

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