The True Danger Of Burning Real Candles

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Candles Are One of the Most Common Causes of House Fires in The UK

The video to the right hand side shows just how quickly fire can develop from candles. It is visibly quite shocking.

Below you will see a couple of pictures which illustrate the damage that candles can do when left unattended and left to burn.

Though they create a gorgeous warm glow, candles need handling with care. In 2017, 234 fires in London were connected to candle use

Candles are one of the biggest causes of fires in the home – during 2013/2014 six people died and 61 people were injured in fires started by candles.

“LED lights are a safer battery powered alternative to the small candles and whether around a shrine, or placed by the TV. I would urge everyone to stop using them unless they are placed in a proper container and never, ever left burning unattended. They can also burn straight through baths and sinks too” — London Fire Brigade

Why risk it at all? We have many very realistic and completely safe LED alternatives to offer!

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