Design Tip: Harry Potter Floating Candles

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Harry Potter Floating Candle Effect  

Probably one of the most commonly requested/achieved effects to take the event or party to the next level.

It is ever so simple to achieve however very important to get right otherwise it can look somewhat underwhelming. Candles should be of a suitable length. For these to stand out we suggest our 8″ Taper Candle. It provides enough presence to make sure they do not look out of place. By also going with an 8″ Taper Candle rather than something smaller is because they are more prominent in size you can use less in number.


Then when it comes to hanging – the secret is fishing line. Extremely Strong however also thin and just all round the best way to achieve the “Harry Potter Floating Candle” Effect. As you can see from the images below this is something that is commonly done and done correctly can look absolutely incredible!

Just a trick of the trade – excuse the slight pun (obviously intended)

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