LED Tea Lights – Feature

Ok so… it’s a little LED Tea Light. Hands down the most commonly bought product in the LED Candle market above anything else.

Available in near enough every store on your local high street. Something you may just pick up and think “I’ll try these” not think twice about putting in your basket and often are CHEAP.

Cheap to look at and cheap to buy. They “do a job” Ok granted they do a job however we thought we would collate some comments on the standard high street tea light and what is being sold. Take a look.

Why Buying Ours Is A Much Better Idea

High Quality

Batteries Provided Will Last

3 Choices of LED Colour – Amber, Candle Light or Warm White

They Will Work Straight Out of The Box

Easy Push Down On/Off Feature

Smart Candle Electronic Flicker

Life Like Silicone Wisp Flame

Healthy Consistent Stock Availability

See Competitor Reviews Below


From reading many reviews the overall customer satisfaction equates to “satisfactory” They have been bought on price.

What About Remote Control Tea Lights?

There is a fundamental problem with high street tea lights with a remote control. What is it you ask.

Designed on price – they provide about 30 Hours of use, if you are lucky. Therefore making them somewhat pointless to use with a remote – because when they are “off” they still consume standby battery. But the battery is not big enough to make them worth having this feature.

Ours are different.

What Makes Your Product Special and Different?

Well being the manufacturer allows us to think, design and bring to market a product which is fit for purpose and does what people want it to do.

Essentially what needs to be created is a Tea Light that can have the “Benefit” of being used with a remote control and won’t go flat almost immediately.

So we have brought to market the solution – click the button below to view the product.

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