Candle Light LED Maxi Tea Lights with Free Remote Control – Pack of 10 (SC3686BB-10)

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  • 10 x Candle Light Maxi Tea Lights
  • Free Remote Control
  • 180 Hours Run Time
  • Candle Light LED
  • 2 Brightness Modes
  • Timer Functions
  • Batteries Included (1 x CR2450)
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The only truly viable Remote Control Battery Operated Tea Light brought to market – Long run times, Timer Functions, etc

It’s important to stress, unlike other options in the market place, these Remote Control Battery Operated Tea Lights are FIT FOR PURPOSE. Other options are designed in a way which means batteries run flat extremely quickly and/or are produced to a “cheap” standard and will [going by Amazon reviews] stop functioning fairly quickly. An interesting fact about this product – there is real gold used in it’s making.

  • Long Run Time – 180 Hours as Standard
  • 90 Hour Run Time on High Brightness (with Remote Only)
  • Free Remote Control Included (SC2507)
  • 6Hr Timer Function as standard
  • 8Hr and 10Hr Timer Functions (with Remote Only)
  • Candle Light LED
  • 1 x CR2450 Battery Included (Replaceable)
  • Smart Candle Electronic Flicker


Diameter: 37mm / 1.456″

Height Including The Flame: 57mm / 2.244″

Height of Candle Body: 32mm / 1.259″

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