Why Do You Have 3 LED Colour Choices? Find Out Here

Over the course of many years of development we have refined the technology and products that are LED Candles.  When this journey started out Amber was the closest development could get to a real candle colour. However Candlelight is defienitley not Amber in colour. Furthermore Amber LEDs are cheap to produce and therefore when companies entered the market to jump on the bandwagon and try and make their gains from a growing market, they stuck with amber because this is where the most margin could be made.

That is all well and good, however at Smart Candle we have kept pushing forward in development, to get as close to a real natural flame as possible. Other’s just do what they have to do to just tick over without bringing anything substantial to the industry. Thats’s absolutely ok. However our ambition has driven us forward and made us who we are today.

That is why you will see that we offer 3 LED Colour choices across our range of products.

When it comes to which colour you are trying to decide upon. Please take into account that all 3 colours do in fact work in their own little way. Sometimes one colour suits an environment or application better than another. Weird, but true.

For example, Warm White is often favoured by Bars and Restaurants because they want the candles to stand out a little more, or they have candle holders which require more definition to be produced. Warm White actually stands out a little bit more, not because it is brighter but because white light affects the eyes in a hasher manner in comparison to red light.

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