Benefits Of Flameless Candles In the Home

Whether you enjoy burning candles for the ambiance they create, lighting them near a photograph or statue as part of a memorial for a lost loved one, or using them to illuminate your bubble bath; candles have been a mainstay in homes for centuries. However, with children, animals, health problems or accidents the risk of fire, mess, smoke and damage makes traditional candles more anxiety inducing than relaxing. The solution is the flameless candle with a flickering LED light instead of a real flame. Here are some of the benefits of Choosing flameless LED Candles over traditional ones for your home.

Flameless Candles Don’t Start Fires

One of the most popular reasons most households upgrade to LED Candles is because there’s no risk of a fire starting from the battery operated or rechargeable “flame” in the candle. With a flameless candle, the anxiety and stress you’ve often felt wondering if you’ve accidentally left a candle burning when you left your home or if you blew out the candle in your living room before you went up to bed ~ is over! You can leave an LED Candle glowing behind your drapes and on your windowsills in every room without worrying if they’re going to start a fire. These candles provide the glowing cozy atmosphere of a candlelit room without the risk of fire or other dangers of burning traditional candles.

Flameless Candles Are Safe

Using LED technology means these candles won’t get too hot and won’t accidentally burn anyone who gets too close. From your active children and beloved grandparents to frisky dogs and curious cats, everyone in your family is safe around a flameless candle.

Flameless Candles are Clean

With battery-operated or rechargeable candles, there’s no need to worry about hot wax ever dripping on your furniture or a singed hole created from a misplaced, recently-lit match. Flameless candles are clean, easy to maintain, and cause no mess or fuss. While traditional candles can be relaxing, they defeat the purpose if you’re forced to make sure they aren’t damaging or dirtying anything in your home. Making the switch to rechargeable or battery candles means you no longer have to worry think about melting wax, burnt wicks, or damaging smoke.

Flameless Candles Save Money

Flame-burning wax candles are very expensive; what’s worse, once the wax of the candle has melted, there’s nothing left of your purchase. In fact, often times the actual container the candle may have been in when you purchased it is also rendered useless since the bottom of it is covered in hard wax. You are literally burning your money when you opt to buy a flame-burning candle instead of long-lasting, no-maintenance LED Candle. Running on either batteries or rechargeable systems, today’s flameless candles can be illuminated continuously and enjoyed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flameless Candles are Healthy

Many flame-burning candles include different chemicals and dyes to create various colors or scents. Some even have glitter, plastics, or other extras to add to the aesthetic appeal of the candle. Unfortunately, while all of these extra ingredients might look and smell amazingly, they all contribute to odd and potentially-dangerous fumes. For family, pets, and friends, flame burning candles aren’t healthy. In addition, the smoke produced both while burning and extinguishing a traditional candle can irritate eyes. Without burning any waxes, plastics, or chemicals, flameless candles produce neither fumes nor smoke, and pose no threats to anyone’s health.

There is light at the end of the proverbial unsafe, unhealthy, and unclean tunnel – it’s flameless!

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