Event Company Goes Rechargeable

It is common practice for the companies in the event market to switch to electronic candles because of regulations imposed by venues on naked flames. This is something becoming more apparent year after year.

To be perfectly honest, candles get overlooked. Could you imagine the most beautifully dressed table, WITHOUT any candles? It would look pretty ordinary, right? Therefore the budget for the little things at the end which get overlooked, is almost all gone and therefore slap dash poor quality electronic candles are bought. Somewhat ruining the final look.

We appreciate that budgets and convenience are an important thing – so why not let us suggest a way in which to not have to worry about this going forward? Stop re-buying electronic candles and batteries time after time, stop having to change all the batteries time after time.

Over the years that we have been dealing in this particular issue – only a handful of companies have chosen the route that we have suggested from day one, what is that might you ask. Go Rechargeable!

Below is an excerpt from one of our email inboxes from a company who are well known and at the very top of their game in their industry. They have recently made the decision to swap to rechargeable – with this decision being vindicated already!


Lets do some very conservative maths:

20 Poor Quality Electronic Tea Lights – £8.99

2 Events Per Month with 80 Tea Lights per Event – 160 Tea Lights

160 Tea Lights ÷ 20 in a pack = 8 Packs x £8.99 = £71.92 per month

x 12 Months

£863.04 per year on electronic candles



Contact Us if you would like to discuss possibly doing the same or just to see if we can provide a solution of some description!

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