Mains Powered Memorial & Remembrance LED Wax Pillar Candle – Smart Candle

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Memorial & Remembrance Flameless Mains Powered Wax Candle

We appreciate candles have been used for hundreds of years as a beacon of hope, memorial and remembrance amongst other significant uses and can have very important significance.

Often we are asked “Do you do a candle that you can leave on 24/7 that does not require any batteries? – it is for…” —  The Answer is Yes

Essentially, the product you listed here is all you need. Very simply – plug in the power supply into the wall, plug in to the candle power pod and done. Mains powered and no more requirement to change batteries. This is something that is completely unique to Smart Candle and falls under part of our Low Voltage Mains Powered range.

Although this “Kit” is sold in a one candle format – the system will support up to a maximum of 4 Candles. The system is a very simple daisy chain format.

Add additional candles to the system by using the items below

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