Embrace the Magic of Outdoor Living with Smart Flame Outdoor Candles

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Imagine a perfect evening in your garden, the sun setting on the horizon, casting a warm glow over your outdoor space. Now, picture enhancing this natural beauty with the flickering ambience of candles. But here’s the twist: no need to worry about the wind blowing out the flame or the rain dousing your delicate candles. Enter Smart Flame Outdoor Candles, the ultimate solution to elevate your outdoor ambiance, regardless of the weather.

The Perfect Outdoor Companion:

Smart Flame Outdoor Candles are more than just LED lights; they are a testament to innovation and design. Crafted specifically for outdoor use, these weatherproof wonders are not only resistant to rain but are also tailored for sunny climates. Think of the scorching Mediterranean summers or the relentless sun of the UAE; these candles are designed to withstand them all. They are also a favorite on private vessels, bringing an aura of sophistication and warmth.

The Smart Flame Experience:

What sets Smart Flame Outdoor Candles apart? It’s their ability to mimic the natural dance of a real burning candle. Encased in ivory ABS plastic, these candles exude elegance. Each set comprises three candles of varying sizes: 5”, 7”, and 9”. The Smart Flame Moving Flame Technology ensures that the candlelight flickers and moves just like a real flame, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Features that Amaze:
  • Weatherproof: These candles fear no weather – rain or shine, they stand tall and elegant.
  • Remote Control: Adjust the ambiance from the comfort of your seat with the free remote control (Model SC2508) that comes with the set.
  • Long-lasting: Powered by 2 x LR20/D-Cell batteries (not included), these candles boast an impressive run time of over 1500 hours, ensuring your evenings are always lit.
  • Timer Feature: Set the candles to glow for 5 hours at a stretch, conserving battery life while enhancing your atmosphere.
  • Realistic Design: The candles are designed with small “feet” for proper drainage, ensuring they remain beautiful even after a heavy downpour.
  • Versatile Sizes: With candles ranging from 5 Inches to 9 Inches, you can create diverse arrangements that suit your outdoor décor.
  • Safe LED Lighting: The Candle Light LED technology not only provides a realistic glow but also ensures safety, making them ideal for homes with children and pets.
For Every Outdoor Setting:

While these candles find their place under the sun in the Mediterranean or on luxurious yachts, they are also the quintessential addition to the classic British garden. Imagine illuminating your garden parties, late-night chats, or even your solitary reading time with the warm, comforting glow of Smart Flame Outdoor Candles.

In a world where outdoor lighting meets innovation, Smart Flame Outdoor Candles stand tall, literally and metaphorically. They redefine outdoor ambiance, making every moment under the open sky memorable and magical. Illuminate your nights, redefine your outdoor experience, and let the Smart Flame magic enchant your evenings.

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