Alexa Controlled Smart Home LED Mains Powered Candles – Design Tip

How Is It Achieved?

“Alexa, turn the candles on'”

Imagine that for a second – how clever is that?

Although there are currently no candles with Alex built in at the moment. The easiest and cheapest way to achieve this desired option is very simply — a Smart Plug.

It is extremely straightforward.

The Answer: A Smart Plug

If you purchase a Smart Plug – that is compatible with Alexa or other brands of Smart Assistants i.e. Google Home etc whichever network you require the Smart Plug to work on – it has to be compatible.

What You Need To Purchase From Us

LV1-4 Candle Power Supply and Connector Lead (SC2851)

Very simply — this plugs into your Smart Plug (which plugs into the wall) and connects to the first candle via the connector lead.

**This system will run a MAXIMUM of 4 Candles** (no not fork handles)

Low Voltage Candles

Now all you need to add are the Low Voltage Candles of your choosing. Either the Melted Wax Low Voltage Candle Range or from the highly acclaimed Smart Flame Low Voltage Candle Range.

Connector Leads (connection to the first candle is provided)                            ALL ITEMS POTENTIALLY REQUIRED ARE LISTED BELOW (Excluding Smart Plug)


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