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LED Candle technology has evolved over the years. Smart Candle designed the HelioNova system for use in churches and chapels alike. Since its introduction the system has begun to revolutionise the way devotional candles are lit across the world.

The significance of replacing a devotional table with an electronic version cannot be underestimated. Huge thinking went into the system and it has been designed in the most thorough way possible with every element thought about.

A natural Candle Light LED Flame, combined with the finest technology, materials and finish, encased in a holder with a choice of colours of Red, Blue and Amber will provide a SAFE, CLEAN and COST EFFECTIVE alternative.

HelioNova Demo Unit
HelioNova Demo Unit
OP60 Red Candles

Benefits of A HelioNova Devotional System

No More Mess

There is ZERO risk of any mess from soot, smoke and melted candle wax.

No More Safety Risk

There are some serious risks that are attributed to running a real candle devotional system. Fire, broken glass, hot melted wax, matches, lighters – many risks which are completely eradicated with the implementation of  a Smart Candle HelioNova System.


Cleaning and Refilling candles is costly. Fact. Our system costs less than £0.05p to run. This is equivilent to £104.15 over the MINIUM 50,000 Hour Candle Life.

HelioNova Devotional System vs Saint Killian Candle Burning System

Smart Candle HelioNova Devotional Candle SystemsSaint Killian Candle Burning System
No Open Flames - Candle Light LED flame Completely SafeNaked Open Flame
50,000 Hour Service LifeEach candle lasts 2 Hours. 10,000 would be needed vs 1 Devotional Candle
Set Includes: Full Set of Candles, Candle Stand, Power SupplySet Includes: Candle Stand and Glass Holders. Crucially no candles.
Maintenance FreeConstant maintenance required
2 in 1 Built In Candle HolderSeparate Candle and Holder
Candle holder is plastic - No risk of broken glass and subsequent injuryGlass Candle Holders
Candles can only be used on HelioNova system.
They will only illuminate when placed onto the system.
This is a theft deterrent.
Candles and Holders can be used away from the system
Innovative energy saving design
where the whole system requires less energy than a 40 Watt Light Bulb
Continuous investment into the system making it very expensive

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