Luminara Candles are electronic candles which use patented moving flame technology to imitate a real burning flame. Luminara Candle have a flame that physically moves. Candles are available in a variety of styles and sizes as well as a colour options.

On the right is a breakdown of available diameters in the standard pillar range as well as main features and further information.

The majority of Luminara candles are IR – Remote Control Enabled. The remote is designed to be used within a 6 Meter radius of your candles. One remote will operate all.

Luminara candles also feature a 5 Hour Timer Function. This allows the candle to turn on and off automatically. The candle will come on at a set time (the time at which the timer function is activated) and then it will turn off after 5 hours. To reset the timer – just turn the timer off by the switch and turn it on to timer mode at the desired start time or turn the candle off or on as per your desire.

Long Run Times are a signature feature of Luminara Candles. Alleviating the constant requirement to change batteries which exists in “copy” products is a small but very significant factor. i.e. an inferior copy candle will run on 3 x AAA and will provide approximately 150 Hours of usage. Whereas a minimum run time on a Luminara Pillar candle is approximately 350 Hours.

SC14A LR14 Batteries

Luminara Outdoor Candle Range

 3.5" x 5" Outdoor Candle SLUMO355-I

The Luminara Outdoor Candle range is a unique and popular range. These are designed to withstand all weather, whether that be hot climates or cool and wet climates or even a mix of both. There is absolutely no problem  with leaving this range to the elements.

Made from ivory coloured plastic they are easy to clean, durable, and will not melt or crack whereas regular candles would.

Luminara Rechargeable Candles

Luminara Rechargeable Candles

Luminara Rechargeable Tea Lights are Available in 2, 4 or 12 Sets, small enough to use with a wide variety of holders and with no need to be replacing batteries. Place the candles on the charging tray and they will glow red whilst charging and green when fully charged. Candles will run for approximately 12 hours and charge in approximately 10 hours.

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