Smart Flame 220V-240V E14 LED Moving Flame Bulb (SF220)


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  • Mains Powered 220v-240v
  • Candle Light LED Moving Flame
  • E14 Screw Cap Fitting
  • Dimmer Switch Compatible
  • New and Improved Design 2023


Smart Flame E14 220-240V LED Moving Flame Bulb

The Smart Flame LED E14 Mains Powered Moving Flame Bulb simulates a real candle movement and colour temperature in incredible life-like fashion whilst being energy efficient and reliable. A truly unique product unavailable anywhere else and a world first.

The product has certification label applied – this is just removable

  • Candle Light LED 2200Kv
  • The SF220, is designed to work with standard Dimmer controls
  • Service Life – For optimum life we do not recomend that the SF220 should be left switched on 24 Hours a day 7 days a week. using the SF220 with normal use (12 Hours per day) then life expectancy should be circa 10K Hours.
  • CE / LVD Certification


    • Total Height: 170mm / 6.693″
    • Height From Top of E14 Screw including the flame – 140mm / 5.511″
    • Height From Top of E14 Screw Excluding the flame – 115mm / 4.528″
    • Diameter 23mm / 0.901″