Our Smart Candle Evolution Regular System (EVOX) is designed specifically for the rigours of everyday commercial use. This system is the most durable and impressive rechargeable candle system ever made.

Design features such as being fully sealed therefore weatherproof, a Candlelight LED with flicker or steady mode, Induction charging meaning easy load and un-load, short charge time (6-8 Hours) and long run time (20 Hours) as well as multi-tray charging.

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  • Platinum Evolution 12-Set SC2585-12

    12-Set Platinum Evolution Candle System inc Charger EVOX12-CL (SC2585-12)

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  • Platinum Evolution 24 Candle System SC2585-24

    24-Set Platinum Evolution Candle System inc Charger EVOX24-CL (SC2585-24)

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  • Platinum Evolution 36 Candle System SC2585-36

    36-Set Platinum Evolution Candle System inc Charger EXOX36-CL (SC2585-36)

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  • Platinum Evolution 48 Set SC2580-48

    48-Set Platinum Evolution Candle System inc Charger EVOX48-CL (SC2585-48)

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  • Evolution Candle Light Rechargeable Candle SC2117CL

    Smart Candle Evolution Regular Candle Light Rechargeable Candle EVOX-CL (SC2117CL)

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  • Platinum Evolution Rechargeable Candle Charging Tray SC2534

    Evolution Regular & Anti-Theft Charging Tray EVO-CT (SC2534)

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  • 12v 3.5Ah Evolution Induction – Multi-Tray Charger 110v-240V (SC2521-UK/CE/UL)

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