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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Liquid Wax Candles?

Liquid Wax Candles are a clean, safe, and economical alternative to traditional hard wax candles. Our fuel cells are of the highest quality available anywhere on the market and once they are used can be simply discarded.

How Long Will They Last?

We offer a wide range of Liquid Wax Candles with varying burn times and sizes to suit varying requirements. Please see each product which will indicate dimensions, burn time and case size.

Are They Safe? What Happens If They Get Knocked Over?

Liquid Wax Candles are far far safer than regular hard wax candles. If they were to be knocked over a very minimal amount of fuel may escape, if any. Simply as it is non-flammable this will not burn without the wick.

If the candle flame on the wick does not go out, it will not flare or flash because the fuel has a very high ignition point, which makes is part of the added safety.

How Long Do The Wicks Last?

The whole unit is disposable – therefore the wick will last until all of the fuel has been used. So very simply, this is of no concern.

Are There Any Special Storage or Shipping Requirements?


The fuel is not flammable and is categorised as combustible. As it is fully contained and sealed it has very low risk associated with it. Documentation can be provided if required.

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