Hollowick Inc

Smart Candle are the best in their industry. Hollowick are the best in their industry. So why not combine both. We are proud to be in association with Hollowick.

Candles have been in use for more than 5,000 years. We appreciate that there is nothing quite like “true natural” candlelight. Although we have created the best imitations of LED Candlelight as is currently possible, we understand that not everyone wants an LED candle. However they still don’t want the mess and hassle of solid wax candles. Quality is our primary objective in anything we provide, and this stands true

Hollowick Inc

Smart Candle and Hollowick Inc are the leading companies in their respective industries. We have come together to offer the very best of both, LED Technology and Liquid Wax Candles and Fuel. We are proud to be in association with Hollowick Inc. See Below

Disposable Liquid Wax Candles

Chafing Fuel

Candle Holders

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