We Will Save You Money And Hassle – Guaranteed!

“Burning Money”  –  Do You Know How Much Money You Are Literally Burning?

Okay maybe it is not all about money – but if we said we could save you sizeable sums of money you’d be quite interested, right? You want to know how much don’t you?

Add to this Zero Mess, Cheap Operating Cost, Zero Hassle – All for the same ambience.

Too good to be true? Not on this occasion.

Have You Calculated How Much Money You Are Literally Burning?

These Figures Are A Fair Average – Chances Are It Will Be More


Hidden Costs? Reduce Insurance Premiums

The Elimination Of Naked Flames Can Benefit In More Ways Than You May Think


No Hassle, No Mess, No Risk – Exactly The Same Ambience

All The Cleaning, The Mess, The Smoke On Ceiling – Why?


Indistinguishable? But a fully extinguishable problem!

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