New Product Arrival: Rechargeable Cordless Table Lamps

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Cordless Table Lamps Are Now Available

Smart Candle is happy to now be able to provide a range of Rechargeable Cordless Table Lamp options to the marketplace. Although this is not our predominant market as there are others who specifically solely deal in this sector, we have the available resources to offer very high quality at an quite simply a price that cannot be beaten.

If we said we are over 100% cheaper than the closest comparison you wouldn’t believe us – we can confirm it is actually in excess of 100%.

However we will not compromise on quality in any aspect – we can absolutely guarantee the ultimate quality of these units.

Importantly with design in mind – the lighting solution which is our Rechargeable Mini Smart Lamp is independent of the physical table lamps and shades. Therefore running a “modular” format allows for increased practicality whilst being economical on space when recharging is underway. i.e leave all physical lamps in-situ without physically having to move them to charge them.

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