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Imitation Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery

We would like to offer some consumer advice around the topic of LED Candles

You will see some Amazon Listings here (some of these listings even use our images) and please note the dates of the reviews. ALL THIS YEAR! However it is important to address this from a non-bias perspective. The positive reviews do exist BUT there are one too many bad reviews for our liking. 

Why are there bad reviews? Simple answer – Cheap to Buy, Cheaply Made, Quality Lacking

Quality Is Not An Act, It’s A Habit

Our Guarantee and Assurance To You

As standard we guarantee our products for 1 Year. However we have customers that have had products well in excess of 8 Years with zero issues.

The underpinning of what we stand for is quality – whether that be in the physical product you purchase or the service you receive prior to sale or after-sales.

The Philosophy of Buy Well Buy Once

We completely appreciate that we don’t compete with rock bottom prices on the like of Amazon for example.

HOWEVER what we can can whole-heatedly guarantee is, unparalleled value and quality that will stand the test of time.

As the saying goes – You Get What You Pay For – no different to purchasing a car, food or household goods, just like anything else.

The image below – the words spoken by a returning customer stand testament to our high standards of service and manufacturing.

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