Restaurant, Bar, Hotel – Rechargeable LED Candles Are The Way Forward!

Smart Candle have been the leading providers of LED Candle technology in the hospitality industry across the world for the last 15+ Years. We specialise in offering the highest quality commercial grade products for all applications.

Working in the hospitality industry you will appreciate the value of having a warm and welcoming atmosphere within your establishment. Candles are a commonplace across the industry, and we can provide a safer, more cost effective and cleaner way forward for you and your business.

No doubt you have experienced some of the problems that come with burning real candles such as…

  • Candles that are hard to light and go out easily.
  • Some are not as burnt as others..leading to visible inconsistencies.
  • The mess that is associated with melted wax!
  • Candles that don’t burn for long enough.
  • Other mess such as deposits of black soot on ceilings
  • Potential catastrophic fire incidents…candles inadvertently other things including customers!

Why Should You Be Considering Changing To LED Candles?

  • LED alternatives provide all of the ambience with absolutely no mess to clean up.
  • They present Zero fire risk either.
  • Did you know if you speak to your insurance provider you have a strong chance of reducing your premium due to not have naked flame risk.
  • You will save money and significant sums of it!
  • There are also efficiency and productivity benefits with remote control functions and generally less interaction time than regular candles.

Why Now?

Our answer: Why Not? No Time Like the Present!

You maybe hesitant in pushing forward because of the thought “There is nothing like true candlelight! There is no suitable alternative.”

– Unlike our competitors we will agree with you that at this moment in time you cannot truly, 100%, copy the effect of  NATURAL occurrence. It is impossible. HOWEVER over years of innovation we have developed the closest possible simulations to natural candlelight and can provide the very best next alternative.

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