Battery Candle Guide

Battery Candle Guide

Battery Operated Tea Light

Battery Operated LED Tea Light Candles

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With a realistic flicker, our LED Tea Lights are a safe alternative to real tea light candles, and are designed to fit almost all tea light holders with a diameter of 35mm.The battery operated tea lights are turned on from the base using either a push button or slide switch are all supplied with CR2032 model batteries fitted and ready for use.

The Smart Candle tea lights all have a realistic flame which is made from soft silicone and can run for between 12 and 70 hours depending on the model.

Votive Glass Candles

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The Votive Glass Candle is supplied with 2 x AA batteries ready for use, with an average run time of 200 hours when using Alkaline batteries.

The candles have an on/off switch on the base and are available in either an Amber or Warm White Flame. They also have the unique Smart Candle flicker designed to replicate a real candle, which compliments the 5” (125mm) tall glass holders with none of the mess and heat, so are a perfect solution for home or commercial use.

A smaller plastic version of this candle is also available called the Party Lite. This is an ideal alternative for use outdoors and with children around. For more information, please see our Party Lites section

Wax Electronic Candles

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Made from real wax, our Wax Electronic Candles are available in a melted look or flat top non-drip design. Our melted look range has an effect of wax dripping down the side and our flat top range has a plain finish with no wax dripping effect.

When the candle is switched on, the LED bulb which is set inside the wax creates a warm candle glow. Some models have a colour change feature which enables you to select which colour you would like the candle to be!

The average run time is 200 hours when using Alkaline AA batteries, however we also have Rechargeable versions available (Rechargeable Wax Candles).

Taper Candles

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Smart Candle Taper candles stand out from anything else available on the market. They are recognised as the most realistic taper candles available and are used by Hotels, restaurants, theatres, churches, choirs, event companies, and for home use as a safe alternative to real candles.

These candles have the unique Smart Candle “push flame” on/ off  switch which means you do not have to remove it from the holder to turn it on. All of our candles are supplied with batteries , and special adaptors are available for oversized or small candle holders.

Party Lites

LED Party LitesSee our Full Party Lite Range


Our Smart Candle Party Lites are ideal for all types of events and parties. The tea light is built into the holder so there is no worry about anything getting lost! The holder is made from hi-impact plastic, which makes it safe for indoor and outdoor use and is supplied with a replaceable CR2032 battery, so you can use these time and time again.

With a range of flame colours available, our Party-lites can adapt to any event, and we can even add custom branding with a logo design depending on quantities required.

Safe for use with Children and in area's where glass holders are a safety issue.

Imitation Wax and Outdoor Candles

Imitation Wax CandlesSee Our Full Imitation Wax and Outdoor Candle Range  

 Smart Candle Silicone (Imitation wax) candles are unique, as they they can be used indoors or out! Due to the design of the candles they can be easily cleaned, and used in hot and cold climates, unlike wax which will melt in hot conditions or crack in temperatures less than -5c. These candles can withstand the elements. Our two larger Silicone (Imitation Wax) candles have built in light sensors "CDS" these when activated will turn on the candle when it gets dark , and automatically turn off the candle when it gets light with an impressive run time of between 1500 - 2500 Hours run time they are a perfect solution for outdoor use and for memorial use.

Luminara Candles

Luminara Moving Flame LED CandlesSee Our Full Luminara Range


Luminara candles use patented moving flame technology, to create a very realistic flamed candle.There are various designs now available, including battery-operated and rechargeable, in different colours and sizes. Most of the battery operated candles benefit from a built in 5 hour timer mode and a remote control option.

In the battery operated Luminara range, the 3” diameter (80mm) uses 2 x AA Batteries and has an average run time of 100 hours. The 3.5” (9cm) and 4” (10cm) diameter range operate on 2 x D (LR20) batteries and have a run time of 750 hours.

Fed up of replacing batteries? Why not have a look at our Rechargeable Candle Guide for our full range of rechargeable candles!