Wax Centre Pin Candle Tray (SC1471)


  • Compatible With Rechargeable Wax Pillar Candles
  • Centre Pin Charging
  • Interconnectable Trays
  • Silver Top, Black Base
  • Tray Only, charger sold separately


SC1471 Replacement Rechargeable Wax Candle Tray

  • Replacement/Spare Centre Pin Charging Tray ONLY – Charger or Candles NOT Included
  • Compatible with Rechargeable Wax Pillar Candles
  • Interconnectable Trays (Multi-Tray Charging System)

Charging Tray  Dimensions (Silver Top, Black Base)

Length: 305mm / 12”

Height: 25mm / 1”

Width: 124.8mm / 4.914”

Compatible chargers:

  • SC2525 6V 1Ah Single Tray Pin Charger (Max 1 tray connect to charger)
  • SC2520 6V 3.5Ah Multiples Tray Pin Charger (Max 4 trays connected to 1 charger)