4 Set of Rechargeable LED Candles IR Enabled* & 4 Frosted Glass Holders (SC2106)

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  • Set of 4 Rechargeable Candles
  • 18 Hour Run Time – 10 Hour Charge Time
  • Warm White, Candle Light or Amber Flame Option
  • IR Enabled (Excluding Amber Candles)


4 Set of Rechargeable LED Candles IR Enabled* & 4 Frosted Glass Holders (SC2106)


Set Includes:

    • 4 x Rechargeable Candles – You can select the Candle Flame Colours
    • 4 x Frosted Glass Holders – You can select the Glass colour
    • 1 x Charging tray – T0 Charge your candles on
    • 1 x USB LEAD – If you already have a USB Mains charger plug then you can use this to charge your candles

If you DO NOT Have a USB Mains Charger Plug then you can just add one to your shopping basket

Tech Info:

  • Candles recharge in 10-12 hours
  • 18 Hours Run Time when fully charged
  • LED Charging indicators – Red ChargingGreen Charged.
  • Candle Light and Warm White candles can be switched ON/OFF by Remote control (not included)
  • Candles can be recharged 500+ times Once charged the candles will operate for 18+ hours
  • Different colour candles available – see Flame Colour drop down
  • *Please note Amber Candles (SC1109A) will NOT work with a Remote Control

Candle Dimensions:

Diameter: 39.5mm / 1.555”

Height including the Flame: 55.7mm / 2.196mm

Height Excluding the Flame: 37.1mm / 1.462”

Frosted Holder Dimensions:

Diameter: 57mm / 2.24”

Height: 126.9mm / 4.996″

Replacement Candles:

  • SC1109A- Amber Candles (Non IR Remote Enabled)
  • SC1109WWR – Warm White Candles (IR Remote Enabled)
  • SC1109CLR – Candle Light (IR Remote Enabled)