Rechargeable Smart Lamp – Set of 9 (SC5482-9)


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  • Warm White Edison LED Strips
  • Remote Control Enabled (Sold Separately)
  • 2 Brightness Modes
  • Flicker or Steady Mode
  • 26 Hour Standard Run Time*
  • 8-10 Hour Charge Time
  • You Get – 9 Lamps, Tray and Multi-Tray Charger
  • See Full Description Below

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Smart Lamp. Designed with more in mind! A truly unique “hybrid product”. With the equivalent brightness of a 40W Light bulb – these cordless lamp units are brilliantly bright, with a minimum run time of 12 Hours at High Brightness mode – these are the perfect solution to your cordless lighting requirements. Being modular – they are perfect for being designed around. Being IP44 Rated these are also perfect for all weather environments.

Designed to offer the very best of multiple applications across different environments, think Rechargeable LED Edison Lightbulb/Lamp or LED Candle. Absolute brightness without sacrifice, this is exceptional technology and is quite simply the holy grail of rechargeable lighting with a breadth of ability never seen before.

What Do You Get?

  • 9 x Smart Lamps
  • Charging Tray and Multi-Tray Charger


  • Brightness Similar to 40W Light Bulb
  • 26 Hour Run Time (12 Hours on High Brightness)
  • 8-10 Hour Recharge Time
  • 2 Brightness Modes
  • Remote Control Enabled *Remote Control Sold Separately
  • IP44 Rated – Suitable For Outdoor Use
  • Flicker or Steady Mode
  • Auto-Turn On Feature
    (Remove lamp from tray and it automatically turns on)
  • LED Charging Indicators (Red = Charging – Green = Fully Charged)
  • Patented Wireless Induction Charging
  • Inter-connectable Multi-Tray Charging
    (Connect Up to 4 Trays [12 Lamps] on only one charger)


Lamp Dimensions:
  • Diameter – 85mm / 8.5cm / 3.35″
  • Height – 94mm / 9.4cm / 3.70″
Tray Dimensions:
  • Length – 303mm / 30.3cm / 11.93″
  • Width – 123mm / 12.3cm / 4.72″
  • Height – 25mm / 2.5cm / 0.98″

Parts Information

SC2537 – Smart Lamp Charging Tray

SC5482WW – Rechargeable Mini Smart Lamp

SC2509 – Smart Candle 6-Key Remote Control

SC2524 – 12V 1.2Ah Switch Mode 110V-240V Charger (Single Tray Only)


SC2521 – 12V 3.5Ah Switch Mode 110V – 240V Charger (Multi-Tray Charger)