Rechargeable Mini Smart Lamp – Set of 4 (SC5488-4)


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  • Warm White or Amber LED Colour Option
  • 2 Brightness Modes
  • Flicker or Steady Mode
  • 18 Hour Standard Run Time*
  • 8-10 Hour Charge Time
  • You Get – 4 Mini Smart Lamps, Charging Tray and Charger + Remote
  • See Full Description Below


Smart Candle introduces the Rechargeable Mini Smart Lamp. Designed with more in mind! A truly unique “hybrid product”. It was important to us to deliver to market a product which is first in class and has a breadth of ability like no other!

Designed to offer the very best of multiple applications across different environments, think Rechargeable LED Edison Lightbulb/Lamp or LED Candle. True brightness without sacrifice, this is exceptional technology and is quite simply the holy grail of rechargeable lighting with a breadth of ability never seen before.

What's In the Box?

  • 4 Rechargeable Mini Smart Lamps
  • Charging Tray
  • 12v 500mA Switch Mode 110V-240V Charger (UK/CE/UL)
  • Free Remote Control Device

Key Information

  • 18 Hour Run Time (12 Hours on High Brightness)
  • 8-10 Hour Recharge Time
  • 2 Brightness Modes
  • Remote Control Enabled Free Remote Control Included
  • IP44 Rated – Suitable For Outdoor Use
  • Flicker or Steady Mode
  • Auto-On Feature (Take a lamp off the tray and it automatically turns on)
  • LED Charging Indicators (Red = Charging – Green = Fully Charged)
  • Magnetic Base (For Mounting and Theft Prevention)
  • Patented Wireless Induction Charging
Lamp Dimensions:
  • Diameter – 36mm / 3.6cm / 1.42″
  • Height – 70mm / 7cm / 2.76″
Tray Dimensions:
  • Width – 120mm / 12cm / 4.72″
  • Length- 120mm / 12cm / 4.72″
Replacement Parts Information:

SC2105– Mini Smart Lamp Charging Tray

SC5488 – Rechargeable Mini Smart Lamp


SC2523 – 12V 500mA Switch Mode 110V-240V Charger

SC2509 – Smart Candle 6-Key Remote Control