Luminara Remote Control Device (SLUM2505)


  • Compatible with Remote Enabled Luminara Candles
  • On, Off & Timer Features Available
  • 1 Remote Will Operate All
  • Batteries Included
QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
3 or more£5.40 Per Item


Luminara Remote Control Device (SLUM2505) 

  • Unless Otherwise Stated Luminara Candles do not included
  • The Remote unit will operate all Luminara Remote Control Enabled candles
  • The Remote Control device is supplied with the battery fitted.
  • One Device can operate all your “IR Enabled” Luminara Candles
  • Please ensure that your Luminara Candle/s are Remote Control Enabled!
  • Please note Luminara Candles purchased outside of the EU do not use the same remote control.

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