Luminara Replacement Rechargeable Candle (SLUM1109) – PER CANDLE


  • Price Per Candle
  • IR Enabled (Remote Sold Separately)
  • 12 Hour Run Time
  • Does not include the charger or charging tray
  • Used with Luminara Rechargeable Sets
QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
12 or more£19.79 Per Item


Luminara Replacement Rechargeable Candle (SLUM1109)


  • LED charge indicator built in to the candle “RED” when charging , “GREEN” when charged
  • IR Enabled (uses SLUM2505)
  • 10 Hour Recharge time – 12 Hour Run Time
  • Candle can be recharged 500+ times
  • Used with Luminara Rechargeable Systems – SLUM2104, SLUM2016 and SLUM2545-12



36.3mm / 1.43″


    • Height including the Flame 55.5mm / 2.18″
    • Height Excluding the Flame 34.5mm /1.36″

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