HelioNova Church System Portable Battery Pack – SCHN61


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  • Portable Power Pack for HelioNova Devotional Systems
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HelioNova Church System Portable Battery Pack – SCHN61

Designed to power the church system when no AC Power is available

    • HelioNova Church System Battery Power Pack will power all HelioNova Church Systems.
    • If A/C Power is not available in the Church then this portable rechargeable Power Pack will operate our HelioNova Church systems
    • LED Charge indicators to show the condition of the battery
    • Lead Acid 12v 20Ah Cyclic Battery in a stylish easy to carry pack
    • Battery pack can be recharged 500+ Times
    • Requires the HelioNova Battery Pack Charger unit SCHN62 to recharge the battery pack

It is recommended to have 2 battery packs this enables one battery to be on charge whilst the other pack is being used. 

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