HelioNova Church System Demo Unit – SCHN01

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  • You are able to purchase this demo unit on a 14 Day trial
  • Demo unit enables you to see how the HelioNova system works
  • See the effect in your own Church
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HelioNova Church System Demo Unit – SCHN01

    • HelioNova Church System Demo Unit
    • Supplied with a choice of Candle Holders (Please Select Above)
    • Colour of Holders Available: Either Red, Blue, Amber or Mixed (Blue, Amber and Red)
    • Candle Light Flame Colour
    • Life Like Smart Candle Flicker

Designed to enable customers to see the effect and to demonstrate how the system works.

For Dealers this can be purchased to keep , or for a 14 day trial after which it can be returned for a refund.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to Contact Us