SC2842 Candle Spacer for Use in Candle Holders


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  • Candle Spacer – For use in our Wax & Resin holders
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SC2842 Candle Holder Spacer

  • The Candle Spacer is for use in our Wax Candle Holders or Resin Candle Holders
  • Spacers are used to raise the height of candle modules being used inside either our Wax or Resin Holders.
  • It has an Ivory finish in order to match the wax and resin holders.
  • For a medium holder (SCH1871 / SCH1516)  we recommend 1 x Spacer.
  • For the taller holders (SCH1872 / SCH1518) we recommend 2 x Spacers.

When Used In Low Voltage Installation Capacity

  • The Candle Spacer is particularly used in Low Voltage Installations
  • In Low Voltage installations we recommend that you also use a SC2848 Candle mounting plate as well.
  • The candle can be secured to the plate if required (Low Voltage Candles – SC2820 and SLUM2820 ONLY)
  • The plate and spacer is designed to allow the Low Voltage cable to exit from the plate and Holder
  • The Plate is also designed to be used with the Smart Candle Transparent candle protection cover designed for “Outdoor” applications to protect the candle. The Transparent cover is not included with the mounting plate

Spacer Dimensions:

Diameter:  59.2mm

Height  44.8mm

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