25 Metre Roll Low Voltage Cable (SC2840)


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  • Specifically Designed For Use With Our Low Voltage Systems
  • Low Resistance, Semi-transparent cable, with cable trace markings
  • Important Information Cable Information Below
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25 Metre Low Voltage Cable (SC2840)

  • AWG#26 Low Voltage cable 25 Metre Roll
  • Specially designed for use with Smart Candle Low Voltage systems as it has a low resistance and has been tried and tested with our products.
  • Colour coded feed for easy wiring
  • Durable and flexible
  • Please note, if the wrong cable is used then this can result in the Smart Candle Low Voltage candles being “Dim” , the cable we supply is only available from a limited number of manufacturers. Smart Candle have tested this cable to ensure that all candles the first and the last are all at the same brightness. 

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