12 SET – Smart Flame Rechargeable LED Moving Flame Votive Candles (SFR1230-12)


  • The Most Advanced Rechargeable Candle in the World!
  • 360 Degree Moving Flame or Non Moving
  • 2 Brightness Modes
  • Flicker or Steady Mode
  • 22 Hour Run Time
  • 8-10 Hour Charge Time
  • Commercial Protective Cap (Optional)


Smart Flame Moving Flame Rechargeable Candles are exceptionally realistic and have received incredible feedback from customers. The very latest in LED Candle technology – the realism is quite simply incredible, the like of which has never been seen before. Smart Flame Candles have a true 360° flame – by this we mean – it is visible from every single angle – however the physical movement is across all axis – giving the truest and most realistic movement of any LED Candle to date. Features include – 2 Brightness modes, moving flame or stop movement function, 5 Hour Timer mode, flicker or steady mode, over 20 Hours run time. We have even provided the option of extra flame protection via an optional protective flame cap with the commercial environment in mind.

What Do You Get?

  • 12 x Smart Flame Rechargeable Moving Flame Votive Candles
  • Charging Tray + Charger
  • Remote Control


360 Moving Flame or Non Moving Flame
(Done Using Remote Control)

Flicker or Steady Mode

2 Brightness Modes (Standard or High Brightness)

Remote Control Enabled (Free Remote Control Included)

5 Hour Timer Function

Run Time
22 Hours (Standard Brightness)
14 Hours (High Brightness)

LED Charging Indicators – Red = Charging and Green = Charged

Multi-Tray Charging – Charge up to 48 Candles using 1 power supply

Optional Plastic Protective Cap (Ideal for Commercial Environments)
Once added this is non-removable (Can be chosen above)



Charge Time
8-10 Hours

Candle and Tray Dimensions

Candle Diameter:

37mm / 3.7cm / 1.456″

Candle Height:

Excluding Flame – 41mm / 4.1cm /1.614″

Including Flame – 62.5mm / 6.25cm / 2.461″

Tray Dimensions:

  • Length: 305mm / 30.5cm / 12”
  • Height: 25mm / 2.5cm / 1″
  • Width: 124.8mm / 12.48cm / 4.914”

Parts Information

Smart Flame Rechargeable Votive – SFR130-B

Platinum Gen 3 Rechargeable Tray – SC2533

Smart Flame Remote Control – SC2508

Replacement Chargers:
6V 3.5Ah 110-240V Switch Mode Charger – Multi-Tray– SC2520

6V 1Ah 110-240V Switch Mode Charger – Single Tray – SC2525