3″ x 7″ Luminara Low Voltage Candle & POD (SLUM2866)


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  • Made From Real Wax
  • For Use with Smart Candle Low Voltage Systems
  • Luminara Moving Flame Technology
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3″ x 7″ Luminara Low Voltage Candle & POD (SLUM2866)

For use with the Smart Candle Low Voltage systems

Candle Dimensions:

Height – 7″

    • Including Pod: 188.6mm
    • Excluding Pod: 177.8mm

Diameter – 76.2mm / 3″

Pod Dimensions:

    • Height 0.515″ / 13mm
    • Diameter 2.99″ 76mm

  • Includes the Candle Power connection Pod.
  • Candle can be removed from the “Power Pod” for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Exclusive Luminara Moving Flame Technology “The Flame Actually Moves!”
  • Made From Real Wax

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