Why LED candle hire is the best option for your event...

When hosting the event of the year, you will want to ensure your décor and set up is perfect. Whilst candles have always been a popular decorative item for their aesthetic appeal, they have also proven to be expensive and potentially dangerous. Those who want to benefit from the ambiance of candle light without worrying about expense and fire hazards should consider hiring LED candles.

Benefits of hiring LED candles:

  • Hire rate is extremely cost-effective.
  • Candles can be delivered to and collected from your function venue.
  • No melted wax mess to clean up after the event.
  • There is zero potential for a fire outbreak and candles will not burn your guests in any circumstances.
  • Candles will not melt and burn out – the LED batteries will keep your flame flickering for the duration of your event.

Smart Candle LED Candle Hire Services 

At Smart Candle in the UK, we offer an LED candle hire service which will have your event looking elegant without posing a fire hazard or costing you a fortune. LED candles are renowned for their ability to present a realistic candle flicker while completely eliminating the potential for a fire to break out if they are knocked over of left to burn unattended for many hours.

We can deliver your choice of LED candles to your venue and ensure they are collected after the event. We offer a wide range of flameless candles available at an affordable price. Spruce up your event and impress your guests with our realistic LED candles. For more information and advice on our LED candle hire services, contact us at Smart Candle today.