If your new year’s resolutions included that of becoming more environmentally friendly/aware, then LED candles are the way to go.

Keep your eyes open for an LED Candle Sale that offers top quality candles at cost-effective rates. Those who have discovered the convenience of LED candles will know they are battery operated and can provide many hours of light before needing to be recharged. Typical benefits of using LED candles include the following...

1. Long term realistic candle light which can simply be recharged when the batteries are flat (or the batteries can easily be replaced).

2. Peace of mind that you can “burn” these candles, unattended, for many hours without having to worry about a potential fire breaking out.

3. Accidental brushing against the candle will not result in painful burns.

4. Enjoyment of the cozy ambiance of candlelight without having to worry about replacing it when the wax melts away, as is the case with real wax burning candles.

5. Sound investment as you will pay once for your candle and be able to make use of it for many years.

6. Environmentally friendly and energy saving lighting option for your home.

LED Candle Sale at Smart Candle

If you are looking for the best LED candle sale in the UK, Smart Candle has just what you need. Our extensive range of LED candles is vast and provides a wide selection for you to choose from. With special offers, end of range items and discounted sale prices, you simply cannot go wrong when buying your battery candles or rechargeable candles from us. Remember, all our candles are high quality and durable (some are designed for outdoor use) so you get better value for money than buying cheap products which soon break.

What other benefits do we offer? All of our customers are provided with access to a 14 day return policy, 1 year guarantee on our LED candles and affordable, convenient delivery worldwide. Buy your rechargeable candles from our LED candle Sale and save. For more information on our product range, please contact us at Smart Candle today.

The bargains in our sale include...

  • Luminara moving flame candles from £14.94.
  • Melted look Wax Candles from £4.98
  • Sets of 10 LED Tea Lights from £7.20
  • Litecubes from £19.94
  • Sets of 10 Party Lites from £19.94
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Luminara Candles From £14.94


LED Wax Candles From £4.98


10 LED Party Lites From £19.94