These days every business needs to focus on keeping costs down. Sensible owners and managers of hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars will be looking at all areas of the business to find places where they can trim operating expenses whilst still maintaining high standards for their customers.

One area that can seem like an easy place to save money is insurance. It is easy enough to shop around and get a cheaper deal every year but you can save even more money in insurance if you reduce your risk profile. For example, you can dramatically reduce your fire hazard risk if you do not have candles in a restaurant or bar area.

The problem is that removing candles from a venue like a spa or a restaurant would radically detract from the feel and ambiance of the room. One solution would be to swap your old flame candles for rechargeable LED candles.

You may have not be aware of them, because they look so much like real candles, but LED candles have been around for a few years now and they can really make a difference in your business operating expenses. Sometimes referred to as rechargeable candles or flameless candles, the LED candle is so much safer than its traditional counterpart because it has no flame, heat source or smoke fumes.

Instinctively, you may think that this is going to be a bit of a fake experience with a cheap, plastic looking product. That is not the case though. LED candles offer a very convincing realistic and tactile experience with a glow and flicker that provides the kind of classy ambiance candle users are looking for. Look at some of the beautiful examples on this page and across our range.

In addition to the safety advantages of flameless candles or LED candles, there is the additional benefit over the traditional candle in that they are rechargeable and will not burn out quickly like a real candle. You will find that, over a period, you save in operating costs as you don't have to keep on replacing your burnt out candles. You'll also save on cleaning as there is no smoke or mess from LED Candles.

Why not give LED candles a try and see how much you can save on consumables, cleaning and insurance? Have a look at the Smart Candle Rechargeable Candles range. We have a wide range including Induction Charging and Anti-Theft options - see our Rechargeable Candle Guide.  You can either buy online or contact us to find out how we can help your business.

LED Votive Candles in a Restaurant
LED Candles in a Restaurant Imitation Wax Candles