With devotional LED candles being so convenient, it is no wonder more than 300 churches worldwide currently make use of them. There are various reasons why people light a candle for someone in church with the most common reason being to show the intention to pray for someone else. Candle lighting has been a tradition for many churches for many years and while the main reason may vary slightly, the sentiment remains the same. Those who like to visit their local church to light a candle will find the latest church LED candles are easy to use, create absolutely no mess, with no danger of church goers accidentally burning themselves when lighting a candle.

How does the system work? Devotional LED candle systems are supplied with a devotional stand and a shelf to carry the candles; a candle can then be removed from the shelf and placed onto the devotional stand. The LED candle will immediately light up. Each candle can be set to remain lit for 1, 3 or 5 hours and thereafter automatically turn off.  You will find there are different sized stands available – choose from a 30 candle or 60 candle system depending on the size of your church.

Benefits of Using Devotional LED Candles in Church 

There is a wealth of benefits to using devotional LED candles within a church. Some to consider are:

  • Candles can be re-used after being placed on the devotional stand.
  • No wax or soot to clean up or worry about.
  • No flame to cause fire hazards or potentially injure users (which also reduces insurance costs).
  • Candles turn off automatically which means the battery life will not be wasted.

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